Championing proactive, professional education for Life Skills used daily.

Parenting 2.0 first began gathering Life Skills professionals around the globe in the Parenting 2.0 group on LinkedIn in 2009. Today, Parenting 2.0 has nearly 9 thousand members in over 100 countries and hosts the worlds only international conference for Life Skills professionals, P20 Talks.

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Marlaine Cover began her professional career working in development for higher education. In the course of performing life’s “most important job” however – raising two daughters – she found herself intensely frustrated with the disparity between the dynamic educational processes routinely afforded academics, sports and music and the comparatively passive process embraced for Life Skills.

After hollering at her teen daughter as she exited the house for school without eating breakfast one morning, Marlaine decided she needed to “be the change” and improve her own performance. So she sat down at her kitchen table and created a communication tool she titled The Life Skills Report Card.

In 2009 she formed the Parenting 2.0 (P20) on LinkedIn to share the concept of Life Skills Report Cards and support Life Skills professionals in collaborating. P20’s stated goal is that “one day, children’s LSA (Life Skills Average) will be as appreciated as their GPA (Grade Point Average).”

Today, Parenting 2.0 is LinkedIn’s top-ranked parenting group, with nearly 9 thousand members in over 100 countries, and host of the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills professionals – P20 Talks. Their educational non-profit, The Global Presence, is formally registered as a 501C3 organization in the United States and has Ambassadors circling the globe.

In July of 2012, at the encouragement of Parenting 2.0 members, Cover published Kissing The Mirror: Raising Humanity in the Twenty-first Century under the pen name Mama Marlaine. An Amazon Best Seller receiving five-star reviews, Kissing the Mirror documents Cover’s journey from struggling mom to international activist and underscores the necessity of embracing proactive Life Skills education by qualified professionals.

The Paradigm Shift of Parenting 2.0

Parenting 2.0 (P20) is an international consciousness movement dedicated to a more egalitarian, proactive and compassionate Life Skills educational process for all persons – at every age. Foundations of our advocacy include:

Defining Life Skills as “Skills learned in some measure by every human being.”

Illuminating the relationship between a primarily passive Life Skills educational process and chronic societal problems.

Retiring acceptance of children simply “learning what they live.” As academics prove daily, children learn what societies deem worthy of proactively teaching them.

Affirming that Life Skills education – like academics – benefits from multiple educators passionate about their subject areas and a plethora of age-appropriate resources.

Replacing behavioral lenses with educational lenses.

Respecting the core role of Life Skills in individuals, and the communities they construct, thriving.

Providing Life Skills professionals a unified platform from which to expand social consciousness.

Underscoring the necessity of greater humility as knowledge of the human body expands daily.

Promoting the concept of Life Skills Report Cards.

Recognising Life Skills professionals around the globe with the honorary title of Global Presence Ambassador.


Kiss Your Mirror! The Change is here!

If you are reading this we know you are already helping others thrive in ways large and small daily. Parenting 2.0, and its educational nonprofit The Global Presence, applaud your contributions and exist to support you!

Support P20 advocacy by:

Sharing #LovingArmsLinked selfies and stories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Use the #GlobalLifeSkillsDay when sharing Life Skills related educational posts.

Signing The Global Presence Pledge as an Individual or Organization.

Join discussions in our Parenting 2.0 group on Facebook.

Participate in Global Life Skills Day. 

Emailing  humorous videos of your children learning Life Skills (sleeping, eating, cleaning bedrooms, fighting, being kind – the important things!) via our Contact Page.

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Championing proactive, professional education for Life Skills used daily.

Beyond Parenting 1.0

Currently, parents typically provide the bulk of Life Skills education – parents rarely formally educated in critical Life Skills themselves. Barring personal crisis, few individuals further their education after reaching adulthood.

Parenting 2.0 advocates a paradigm shift, where Life Skills receive the same respect routinely afforded academics, sports and music.